Your own AI CFO assistant, tailored for startups & scaleups

Keep track of your runway. Plan for different scenarios. Get reliable forecasts. Share with stakeholders with just one click.

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Financial insights


Connect to your existing financial stack and be up and running in no time.

Up-to-date financial overview
Customisable dashboards for key KPIs
AI powered forecasts, reports and scenario planning
Aggregate your data. Make sense of your finances.
Get the current state of your financials whenever you need it. See your cash runway, optimise your burn rate by looking at cost breakdowns, and more.
Focus on what has an impact. Automate the boring stuff.
Generate and share board and investor reports with one click. Get the first draft with automatically created texts, up-to-date figures and adjust it the way you want.
Active scenarios in forecast
New hire
New pricing
Plan for the future. Compare different scenarios.
Get answers to “what if” questions beforehand. Compare scenarios with each other, and get accurate forecasts based on your planned roadmap.

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Know your numbers.

No more spreadsheets
No more manual updates of different tables or worrying if a formula is correct. Get all your financial data up-to-date and in one place.
Understand your finances
Get insights tailored for your business. Ask your AI assistant questions to drill down and understand your finances even better.


Automate your reporting.

Always up-to-date
No more Report-final-v3.pdf. Share an always up-to-date report to your stakeholders in just one click - or make it a custom schedule.
First draft - in seconds
Get started with one of the pre-made reports - edit it however you want or create something new.


Plan for different scenarios.

Explore "what if"s
Map out best cases, what's likely and worst cases in an instance. Answer "what if" questions reliably and safely.
Model in plain text
Stop worrying about formulas - model your scenarios in plain text. Write it like you would say it.
Reliable & up-to-date

Get an overview of your finances easily

Take your business to the next level by integrating AI in your finances to support your decision making. Query your data using plain language instead of searching through endless of spreadsheets.
Integrated solution

Find everything you need in FigureFlow

Connect all your financial data sources. Find everything you need in one place. Accelerate decision making.


Who is FigureFlow for?

Designed to cater to everyone from day 1 founders to experienced CFOs.  Automating and leveraging an AI Powered CFO assistant to manage your financial operations even better - no matter the size.
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